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pile of finger limes

Learn about Finger Limes

pile of finger limes
The color of the pulp ranges from white, pink to green.

Australian finger limes are unique citrus fruits that are small long thin limes. Some call finger limes the “caviar of fruit.” due to the small pearls filled with acidic lime flavor. When chewed the pearls pop with a burst of tart flavor.

About finger limes

The finger limes are cucumber-shaped with a semi-smooth purplish-black skin color range in size from 1.5″-3″. Inside the finger limes are small “pearls” or “caviar” balls. The small pearls are acidic and taste between a cross of lime and lemon. Slice a finger lime vertically or horizontally and push out the pulp which are spherical vesicles that are tender, juicy and a burst of flavor when eaten. The pearls can range in colors from white, pink to pale green.

pretty finger limes cut open
The juice of the fruit is locked inside the pearls of the finger lime until chewed.

How to use finger limes

The finger lime pulp is delicious when squeezed over tacos, fruit salad, green salad or other dishes that would benefit from acidic taste and a crunchy texture. Finger limes also work great in cocktails.

About half of the pearls squeezed out of a half a finger lime.

Where to buy finger limes

Finger limes aren’t common at most grocery stores and are limited to co-ops, CSA’s and directly from growers. Deer Creek Heights Ranch in Tulare County, California grew the finger limes displayed in the pictures. I got them from our CSA box at Farm Fresh to You. If you can’t find finger limes for purchase consider growing your own. Finger limes are a bush-like tree that is highly productive and thrive in a variety of climates. And fortunately, finger limes will produce fruit in the first year of growing.

difference between lime and finger lime
The difference between a lime, a finger lime and a cat.

Here are a few sources for purchasing the Australian Finger Lime tree:

finger lime size reference
A reference for the size of the finger lime and the pearls.

Finger Limes Guide Video

Watch this brief video for a quick overview about ginger limes.

How do you use finger limes? Let us know as a comment below.


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