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Farm Fresh Box Contents

Easy Organic Produce Delivery in Northern California

Farm Fresh Box Contents

It has been increasingly difficult to find local produce at the grocery stores nearby. Raley’s has a giant sign in the store that states they support local growers. However, most of the time the produce and vegetables are from outside the United States. Whole Foods is no better for finding local food. We have become accustomed to buying the same fruits and vegetables year round. As a result, grocery stores maintain specific fruits or vegetables year-round without considering where they are grown and how far it has traveled.

It is for this reason that I love the concept of local Community Supported Agriculture services such as Farm Fresh to You. I live in the Sacramento area in Northern California about 90 minutes from the primary farm in the Capay Valley. I’ve visited the area a few times for the annual Hoes Down festival at Full Belly Farms.

With your subscription, you get to choose from different packages depending on what you are looking for. And within those packages, you just need to pay for the minimum and then you can always make your box bigger and order more on certain weeks when you are having guests or want to make something special. Our family gets the Mixed Fruit and Veggie box.

Each week you get an email or a text message that says that your box is ready to be customized. Most of the time we add/remove certain items to make it just what our family eats. Here is an example of how it works. You can add as much as you want. The base box for fruit and veggies is somewhere around $30, so as long as you meet that number you can get it delivered. If you are ever out of town or need a break you can always skip the delivery of your produce box.

Most of the organic food is from California. For each item in the box, you can read a description of the item and find out who the grower is. You will always know who grows your food when you use a CSA like Farm Fresh to You. Examples of where some of the currently available produce includes carrots, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and rainbow chard from Holtville, turmeric from El Centro, potatoes from Tulelake, Avocados from San Diego, apples from Washington, Shitake mushrooms from Moss Landing, artichokes and beets from Coachella. The few items that aren’t local include bananas which just can’t be grown in the US. But there are almost 90 different fruits, vegetables and herbs currently available from Farm Fresh to You and most of them are local if you live in California.

I made a video of this weeks box. View the Farm Fresh to You Unboxing below.

If you live in Northern California and want to try out Farm Fresh to You use code use code JENN6657 to save $15 on your first box.

Have you used a CSA? Have you tried Farm Fresh to You? Share your experiences with an CSA or Farm Fresh to You below as a comment.


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