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I’m a flexitarian and most of the recipes are vegetarian. I don’t like eating out unless it is delicious food. Where I live, the food is predominately chain restaurants that I don’t enjoy. I would much rather just make what I want to eat.

I am a husband and father of two elementary school-aged children. The nightly family dinner is central to our family dynamics. Eating out is generally saved for when we are traveling and are unable to cook. On a good day, the kids sit at the kitchen island and work on their homework or project while I am preparing dinner. On a better day, they offer to help make dinner! For eating dinner, we sit around a small round table and share a meal and hopefully get the hear about the kids’ day. Like most parents, it is a constant struggle to get the kids to try new foods. We don’t force them to eat but do strongly suggest they try something if we think they may enjoy it. They won’t try everything, but I will keep exposing the kids to new smells, foods and flavor combinations. Hopefully one day this exposure will make them more adventurous eaters. But let’s face it, it’s not all about them. I just really love to cook and eat!

How I got started

When I was in the 5th grade, we had to pick a project to teach the class about another culture. My friend and I decided that we would make chicken enchiladas and do the Mexican hat dance. Unfortunately or fortunately I don’t have any pictures of this event. Up to this point, I had never made anything beyond cereal, and honestly, I have no idea why we picked this project. Making enchiladas involved softening tortillas in hot oil, boiling meat and shredding it, grating cheese, slicing olives, and opening cans of sauce. Overall it gave me good exposure to many aspects of cooking. I’m sure my friends’ kitchen was a disaster when we finished. In the end, we made the enchiladas and served them to 25+ kids at the age of 11.